$35 - 50 Premade

Premade covers are all put together and ready for your author name and title. Each cover is only sold once! It is uniquely yours. The premade comes with a front cover specifically designed and perfectly sized for both online and print needs. It includes smaller JPEGs for websites and ebooks and a high resolution JPEG (300 dpi 6x9; 1800x2700 pixels) to use for a print cover (to order a spine and back cover see the $50 upgrade). All stock images and fonts come licensed for both ebook and print at no extra charge for up to 250,000 copies of each.


$250 Custom Cover

Custom covers come with everything the premade covers do along with the bonus of having the cover designed specifically for your book. Contact me at covershotcreations@gmail.com to order a custom cover. I'll gather some intricate book details from you and work on three proofs for you to choose from. Once you make a selection we'll work on up to five rounds of adjustments on that proof. A 50% deposit is required in advance with the remainder to be paid once you approve your final cover. No additional fees for stock art; prices are already included.


$50 Print Upgrade

Upgrade your premade or custom cover by adding a back cover and spine. I take the high resolution image I've made for the front cover and design a back cover and spine to go with. The end product is a submittable PDF for Createspace and JPEG for your records.


$35 Blog or Facebook Banner

Purchase any cover from me and pay only $35 for the accompanying custom blog header or Facebook Timeline graphic. 


$35 Bookmark

This includes both a front and back design and optional QR code. I take elements from the cover I've designed for you and reshape them into an impactful bookmark. These are great promotional materials. I design and size bookmarks to www.overnightprints.com's specifications, but if you want to use a different printer, I can do that as well. 


$15 Typography Only Cover

For typography only I design professional text to go with an image you provide me. I take the image and add the title, author name, optional quote or subtitles. I turn your single image into a professional looking cover. Keep in mind, that when you provide the image you are responsible for having the legal right to use it in a book cover. This is the only time I don't provide a legally licensed image for you. If you have questions or need help with this please ask! :-)





$15 3D Graphic or set of 3 for $30

Buy one 3D graphic for $15 or get three for $30. I take the front cover of your book and transform it into a 3D graphic. You can pick from any of the examples I have listed, or request to see extra examples not listed. I can make the 3D graphics with the spine showing at no additional charge if I made your cover. If you bought your cover elsewhere, I can only provide 3D graphics without the spine showing (#4, 5, 6). This is because it takes a lot of extra time to recreate someone else's texts and text effects for the spine. I provide both a JPEG on a white background and a PNG file with a see-through background.


$25, $50 Box Set

For the $25 box set I take a front cover you provide and turn it into a 3D box set. Usually the first book in the series is used. I'll ask for the number of books in your set and the titles for each one. For the $50 box set I provide a completely new front cover. This comes with the 3D box set and the flattened front cover for retailers who don't accept 3D images. For all box sets I provide both a JPEG on a white background and a PNG file with a see-through background.