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  • Custom ebook designed with 1-3 author selected photos from

  • Up to 3 free rounds of adjustments

  • 3D graphic


This is my only package where you, the author, search out and find the main images you want featured in your cover. This is an ideal fit for those who already know what photos they want used and just need a designer to put it together. 

This package includes all image costs when sourced from Depositphotos. If you’d like to use photos from other stocksites, you’re welcome to, just know additional fees may apply.



  • Custom ebook designed with unlimited photos sourced by the designer

  • Up to 5 free rounds of adjustments

  • 3D graphic


This package is perfect for the author in a time crunch that wants the luxury of no limits on how many photos are used. Costs of images are already included in this package, and I will go through the pain-staking process of finding them, so you don't have to.

However, if you desire a specific photo (or photos) from a site that I do not currently have a subscription to that month, you have the option to pay for just that photo, and I will include it in your cover.

All custom covers are crafted with many different images photomanipulated into a new piece of art. I work with all legally licensed fonts, images, digital brushes and textures/effects to create something unique to your cover. While stockphotography sites may sell the same basic images to a number of designers, how those images are put together is one of a kind.

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  • Custom ebook designed with unlimited photos sourced by the designer

  • Up to 6 free rounds of adjustments

  • 3D graphic

  • Backcover and spine design for paperback


This is my most popular package. Here you receive everything you do in my Silver Deal with several upgraded additions, like a backcover and spine designed for paperback and an extra round of adjustments, should you need it.

You don’t have to have your book ready for print in order to purchase this deal. You can come back later, when you’re ready, and I can design it for you then. This is a great way to ensure you never pay extra for your future backcover. Feel free to come back in a year from now; you won’t pay anything additional. Your cost was locked-in, even if I’ve raised my prices by then.

If you like taking your time and getting the most for your money, this deal is for you.


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