How many times will a premade cover be sold?

Once! I will only sell a premade cover ONE time, making it a unique and worthwhile purchase. Do keep in mind though, as per industry standard, I work with stockphotography images. That means my base images can be purchased by other designers. The end cover will never be the same, but bits and pieces could be similar.

I am open and willing to share with you the before and after of a cover. That way you can see how many photos went into that particular cover and exactly how altered each photo is. Just ask! Email me at covershotcreations@gmail.com.


How do I order a custom cover?

Please send me an email at covershotcreations@gmail.com. This is so we can talk about my available dates and any ideas you have. That way, we can see if we're a good fit before any money is exchanged. 

I'll ask you questions like, what is your book's genre? What is your book about? What is the mood? Do you have any ideas you want incorporated in your cover? Are you planning to make it a series? Ect.

Once I've given you my available dates and you've told me what your book is about and any cover ideas you have in mind, a 50% retainer fee is requested to reserve your start date. 

Seven to ten days later, you will have your cover proofs. I'll do any requested adjustments. You'll approve a final cover, then make your final payment. Last, I'll send you your unwatermarked, high resolution cover in my three standard sizes. Boom. Done.


I need a cover, but I don't know what I want.

No problem. That's why you hired me. I'll ask you questions about your book and provide proofs for you to choose from. Don't sweat it.


I purchased the ebook, but need a print cover now. Can you do that?

Yes. You can order the print version any time after purchasing the ebook.


What do I need to order a print cover?

First things first, you need your formatted, finalized page count. This is so I can calculate the thickness of the spine. Next, I need your book's dimensions (6x9 for example), white or cream pages, all the text you want on the back and any optional author info/photo.


Can you make this premade into a series?

Absolutely! I can turn any cover purchased through me into a series. I also have a series discount. After the first book, I give you 25% off all other books in the series. 


How do I pay?

I take payments through Paypal. Just send them to covershotcreations@gmail.com. OR if you'd prefer an invoice, just let me know what email to send it to. :-)


How should I credit you?

Credit is always appreciated. Feel free to use, Cover by Cover Shot Creations at www.covershotcreations.com, or if you prefer, Cover by Nicole Hutton of Cover Shot Creations.


Any other questions?

Just ask. Email me at covershotcreations@gmail.com. I love hearing from you!